Why is Office 2010 better than 2007?

If you’re still using Office 2003, it’s time to upgrade. Skip 2007 and leap into 2010. Although 2007 and 2010 share the “ribbon” menus, there are several new things to mention. First, Microsoft got rid of the stupid “Office Button” that had no words on it to alert the average user that there was something behind it. Its replacement is a tab (bright red color) called “File” which takes the user to the “Backstage” area which is full of options and information.

Second, you can share via the web. For example, you can “broadcast” a PowerPoint slideshow to people all over the world. You receive a URL which you can share with your guests who view the show on-line. That’s powerful. Like getting WebEx for free.

Third, several applications allow co-authoring: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote. As different people edit, updates appear on each author’s screen. I imagine it would take a little practice to get used to it, but it would be so handy.

Next, Outlook allows you to choose “Conversation View” which collapses a conversation thread into one main e-mail instead of all the individual components. You can delete one or all of the components.

There is something new called WebApps which allow you to edit documents online. This would be great when you are traveling and don’t have your laptop with you. The web editing behaves like Office 2010.

There’s a lot more to learn. I’m soaking in more every day. What have you discovered?