Professionals accelerate sales as a result of computer training

It’s gratifying to see clients receive training eagerly and “take off” on their own. Two people I’ve worked with recently have impressed me. Both are over 60 but still willing to learn more computer skills for their professions. Ann [name changed] is a sales rep who had a desktop PC and traveled a week or two at a time. When the PC died, she invested in a laptop. She says it has dramatically changed her life! Instead of stockpiling paperwork during the week that she’d have to enter into her computer on weekends, she keeps up with it while on the road. She’s also purchased an iPhone that is streamlining the way she works. She gets frustrated that some of her vendors are not more computerized.

Bill has maintained a service profession for many years but was not keeping up with the move to computerized reports for clients. He’s not ready to retire fully, so he bought software designed for his trade and has made amazing progress. He shows sample reports to potential clients and he gets chosen for jobs. Instead of hating the learning, he has embraced it and actually enjoys it. What a gleam of pride shines from his eyes as he shares with me what he has achieved!