When will Dvorak keyboards take over?

I shared with my students last night the difference between QWERTY keyboards and Dvorak keyboards. The QWERTY keyboards most of us use were designed to SLOW DOWN typists who used to jam their typewriters. However, Dvorak designed the keyboard to be MOST EFFICIENT. I hope schools are teaching new typists to use the Dvorak method. Will young people adopt it? I hope so. For most of us, it would be as difficult a change as going from feet/inches to the metric system. But once we had made the change, we wouldn't want to return to QWERTY.

Here’s a website that did some testing of both keyboards. They did a short study showing relative finger movement between Dvorak and QWERTY with the 12 most common words. The Dvorak typist used 1/3 the finger movement of the QWERTY typist.

I have wanted to switch to Dvorak, but I work with so many clients who use QWERTY, I’d have a hard time keeping both in my head and fingers. Or would I? Do you know anyone who can do both without trouble?