Publisher can solve your formatting problems

I admit that Publisher is not as mature a product as Word or Excel, but it does have its benefits. I recently had an opportunity to teach an introductory class for business owners. They were impressed with what they could do in a 2-hour class. In Publisher, all text is within text boxes that can be resized and moved. If there is too much text for the size of the textbox, you can create a link to another textbox where the "overflow" text will appear. This is great for newsletters and brochures.

Picture placeholders maintain a shape so that you can change the picture without changing the size. This is helpful for last-minute changes. When the whole document has been laid out, you don't want to mess with a picture of a different size or proportion.

When pictures are inserted, the text in any conflicting textbox wraps around the picture without any work on your part.

There are helpful free tutorials on Goodwill Community Foundation's website.