LOVE Jane as presenter. Very nice large group interactions which seemed like one-on-one interactions. (Like how Jane talks through unexpected roadblocks.)
— Workshop attendee
I learned more in 2 hours with Jane than in 20 years of on-the-job learning.
— Workshop attendee
I now have a more thorough understanding of how to navigate Excel and add or change formulas and learned several tips to do so more quickly. I also feel much more able to identify where these skills may be useful in ways that have yet to be discovered. I now feel much less intimidated by Excel and am very appreciative of the opportunity to take the class.
— Worksite Excelclass attendee
Thank you. You’ve taught me the MOST important thing: I will not break the computer and I can learn. Yahoo! I really am excited and delighted. Health issues will only slow me a bit. They cannot stop me now that I’m no longer afraid. So, thank you. You are so wonderfully calming to your students. You are enthusiastic and extremely kind. Great teacher
— Student in vocational training
Jane was very patient. If someone had a question or needed extra help, she took the time to make sure they understood.
— Trainees
Even though I have taken a couple of Excel classes in the past, I felt the class reinforced my existing knowledge and taught me much more than I thought it would. Jane showed so many shortcuts that I didn’t know existed.
— Worksite Excel class attendee
Jane is fantastic! Where was she when I was in college?
— Workshop attendee
Excellent class. Best use of 2 hours I have spent in a long time.
— Workshop attendee
Thank you again for all you did to make this Excel course exactly what we neededfor our company. You listened to our expressed needs and designed a syllabus that suited those needs perfectly.
— Worksite Excel class organizer and attendee
The Excel Class was very informative. I learned different procedures that will make my job more productive and benefit the company.
— Worksite Excel class attendee